Our Partners

We are working in partnership with Perth Region NRM, Water Corporation, GeoCatch, Peel-Harvey Catchment Council, Department of Fisheries, Department of Water, Swan River Trust and Murdoch University to protect and rehabilitate our waterways for future generations to enjoy. We are helping to improve our rivers, estuaries, wetlands and nearshore marine environments through simple everyday changes at home or on the job. From how we look after our gardens, lawns, and vegie patch, to how we dispose of our pet waste and clean our cars at the weekend and more.

Home River Ocean is made possible through an initiative of the South West Catchments Council, which is committed to safeguarding, conserving and rehabilitating ecosystems and environments. Perth Region NRM is driving this initiative right across Perth to help ensure sustainable management of natural resources.

This project is supported by the South West Catchments Council, through funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Program, and Perth Region NRM, through funding from the Government of Western Australia. 

Home River Ocean has also been kindly sponsored in 2016 by WIN and GWN7 in the South West.

We would like to thank the Chesapeake Club for granting permission to use the USA Chesapeake Club program’s ‘Save The Crab, Then Eat ‘Em’ campaign materials for our Home River Ocean campaign.  The Chesapeake Club was created by the joint state and federal watershed partnership – the Chesapeake Bay Program.