Blue Swimmer Crab

The Blue Swimmer Crab is the most popular recreational fishing species in the South West.

Sometimes called ‘blue manna’ or ‘blueys’, Blue Swimmer Crabs are an important part of our culture and lifestyle. They also play a critical role in the estuarine and marine ecosystem as hunters and scavenger, and also as prey for fish and seabirds.

The Blue Swimmer Crab gets its name from the dark blue colouring on its carapace and claws, which is more prevalent in males. The carapace can grow to up 25 cm wide and the claw span to up to 80cm!

These powerful swimmers live in estuaries, sheltered bays and offshore waters up to 50 m deep from Karratha to Dunsborough and migrate long distances along our South West coastline.

For more information on the Blue Swimmer Crab visit the Department of Fisheries website.