Fertiliser. Hold off when there's rain around.

Rain carries fertiliser from our homes to waterways and estuaries, all the way to the ocean where it threatens the habitat of the Blue Swimmer Crab and his mates. No crab should die like that. They should perish in a tasty garlic butter!

The autumn campaign encourages residents to hold off on the fertiliser when rain is around, using television, radio, newspaper, local businesses, public campaigns and events to deliver this message to households in Perth, Peel and the South West. The campaign aims to change urban fertiliser behaviours to reduce nutrients entering waterways during the autumn months.

Fertilising your lawn and garden when it's about to rain is wasteful as most of it will wash straight down the drain and into our iconic waterways. Save yourself time, effort and money, as well as those delicious Blue Swimmer Crabs, and go fishing instead!

The campaign uses humour, through the endearing characters of Crusty and Chrisso, to get this important message across and targets males aged 35-60 years old and lawn/garden care specialists. It was first delivered across the South West in autumn 2015.

If everyone took the simple step of not fertilising before rain we could prevent many tonnes of nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorous) entering our major coastal waterways - Geographe Bay and the Peel-Harvey, Leschenault and Swan Canning estuaries.

Now that would make Crusty and Chrisso happy!

The community has embraced the autumn campaign and is making a real difference to the health of our iconic rivers, wetlands, estuaries and bays.

The Blue Swimmer Crab thanks you!