Perth Region NRM on board!

The Perth community will have the opportunity to get on board with the ‘Save the Crabs, Then Eat Them’ campaign in a partnership between the South West Catchments Council (SWCC) and Perth Region NRM.

The hilarious campaign, which uses the iconic Blue Swimmer Crab to encourage changes in fertiliser practices, is now in its third year in the South West. Perth residents will be exposed to the campaign for the first time this winter.

“This is an innovative way to convince people about simple ways to reduce the impact of urban nutrients  and help protect things we love; like crabs in garlic butter!” said Lisa Potter, Chief Executive Officer, Perth Region NRM.

The winter campaign encourages urban residents to hold off on the fertiliser till spring. Fertiliser can leach and run off into waterways when it rains, causing algal blooms that decay and remove oxygen from waterways, harming wildlife like those tasty Blue Swimmer Crabs.

“By showing simple ways to reduce urban nutrient impacts to waterways we are empowering the community to protect the things they love, like crabs in garlic butter!” said Damien Postma, SWCC CEO.

“The South West community has embraced the campaign and its key messages and we are confident that Perth residents get on board as well.”

The campaign is part of the Home River Ocean partnership program, which focuses on lifestyle to drive changes in urban fertiliser practices. It is based on the successful Chesapeake Club campaign in the United States.

The winter campaign will kick off on 1 June in Perth and the South West.

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