Lights, Camera....Crab!

Crabs are in the spotlight again….the showbiz spotlight that is, as the Save the Crabs, Then eat Them autumn advertising campaign hits South West televisions.

The Blue Swimmer Crab is again the hero of the humorous yet thought-provoking campaign, which urges residents to hold off on the fertiliser when there’s rain around.

“The new suite of commercials feature our unlikely crab heroes, Crusty and Chrisso, who give us their perspective on how fertiliser use impacts local waterways,” said South West Catchments Council (SWCC) CEO Damien Postma.

“The two characters are endearing and we hope that their personalities and love of the South West will resonate well with the community.”

The campaign will run during autumn to encourage residents, gardeners and landscapers not to fertilise before it rains. Rain washes fertiliser into stormwater drains and through the  soil into groundwater, where it makes its way to our rivers, estuaries and the ocean. Fertiliser can make its way into these waterways even when applied days before rain.