Keep those frames!

Western Australia’s State-wide fish possession limit of 20 kilograms of fillets has been modified to exclude fish frames, backbones and wings.

Changes to the possession limit were gazetted last week and were made as a direct response to issues raised by the community.

Fisheries Minister Ken Baston said the new common-sense approach had the support of Recfishwest.

“This change will be welcomed by the community as it will allow recreational fishers to maximise the use of the entire fish,” Mr Baston said.

“In the past, some recreational fishers have discarded the wing and backbone and only retained the fillet.

“It also provides a further incentive for fishers to provide frame samples or filleted skeletons to the Department of Fisheries. 

The Minister said WA was a world leader in sustainable fisheries management and fish frames with the heads attached were vital for stock assessment purposes.

“Recreational fishers play a key part in our fisheries research by donating their fish frames, which help in the long-term monitoring program of fish stocks,” he said.

“Western Australia has a long history of sustainably managing our fisheries and this has been achieved by the Government working collaboratively with the commercial fishing industry, the recreational fishing sector, and the wider community.”

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