Support for crab campaign

The Water Corporation is now an official partner of the ‘Save the Crabs Then Eat Them’ campaign which uses humour to influence gardening activities that impact on coastal waterways.

The winter campaign encouraged urban gardeners not to fertilise in winter when nutrients are most likely to leach and run off into waterways, leading to algal blooms that can remove oxygen from the water and threaten wildlife.

The autumn ‘Save the Crabs, Then Eat Them’ campaign kicks off on 1 March 2015 and runs until 31 May 2015.

Water Corporation Water Efficiency Branch Manager, Ben Jarvis said the Corporation contributed to the Technical Advisory Group and encourages residents to adopt sustainable fertiliser behaviours. 

 “We’re pleased to get behind this community-driven campaign to help change people’s thinking about their water use and to highlight the important link between residential water use and the natural environment,” Mr Jarvis said.

“There is a great suite of support tools on the Home River Ocean website that really complement Water Corporation’s work in encouraging communities to adopt waterwise behaviours.”

South West Catchments Council Chief Executive Damien Postma said the partnership highlighted the link between water and fertiliser use in the garden.

“Many of the garden behaviours the campaign promotes will save water as well as reducing nutrient run off,” Mr Postma said.

“This is a win for both the home gardener and the environment and we are very pleased to be teaming up with Water Corporation to promote best practice in the backyard.” 

The Home River Ocean Campaign is based on the successful Chesapeake Club campaign in the United States and is supported by the South West Catchments Council (SWCC), through funding from the Federal and State Governments.