Photo Competition

Diane King, who has lived in Dunsborough for over 18 years, is the June prize winner in the Home River Ocean Photo Competition. The photo of the sun rising over Geographe Bay was taken on one of Diane’s morning strolls along the beach.  

“I love the sunrises that the bay produces anywhere along the stretch of beach is absolutely amazing and faultless that time of morning,” says Diane.

“I find great pleasure in walking along in the mornings with my music on, dog on leash and stopping when I get a image of a good shot.”

Diane has won a $50 BCF voucher for taking the photo and posting it on Instagram using the hashtag (#) homeriverocean. Two more BCF vouchers are up for grabs until the completion concludes at the end of August.

The Photo Competition invites the local community to take photos of the lifestyle they enjoy in the South West and is being run as part of the Home River Ocean’s ‘Save the Crabs, Then eat Them’, now airing on south west television and radio.

The campaign urges South West coastal urban residents to ‘hold off on the fertiliser till spring’ in an effort to reduce the amount of nutrients entering coastal waterways during the winter months. It is based on the successful Chesapeake Bay ‘Save the Crabs, Then eat ‘Em’ campaign in the United States.

For details on how to enter visit or the Home River Ocean Facebook page.

BCF is proudly sponsoring the photo competition. The Home River Ocean project is supported by the South West Catchments Council and Peel-Harvey Catchment Council through funding from the Australian Government and the Government of Western Australia.