Bunnings not crabby about fertiliser message

The Busselton Bunnings store has shown its support for the quirky ‘Save The Crabs, Then Eat Them’ campaign by promoting its key message, hold off on the fertiliser till spring, to its customers.

An in-store display and colouring-in competition has been featured in the entrance of the store during June to promote best practice fertiliser to the local community.

David Morton, Complex Manager for the Busselton store, says Bunnings is pleased to support the community-driven campaign to improve the health of our waterways.

“By holding off on the fertiliser till spring, customers can help support the environment while saving themselves precious time and money. It’s a win for both the environment and for the local community.”

The lucky winners of the crab colouring-in competition are Angeline Bickkerton (7), Mae Wiltshire Skipper (8) and Millie Johns (3), who have won themselves a $50 Bunnings voucher. The competition highlighted the impact fertiliser practices can have on species like the Blue Swimmer Crab.

Gardeners are encouraged not to fertilise in winter because this is when it is most likely to leach and run off into waterways. Excess nutrients in waterways lead to algal blooms that remove oxygen from the water when they break down and threaten wildlife and fish communities.

This campaign is based on the successful Chesapeake Club campaign in the United States and is supported by the South West Catchments Council (SWCC), through funding from the Australian Government and the Government of Western Australia.

SWCC will be visiting Bunnings on Saturday, 5th July to ask the community to commit to a fertiliser-free winter.