Crab campaign a hit with locals!

The South West will again be entertained with the quirky ‘Save The Crabs, Then Eat Them’ campaign, being aired on Ten West Regional television throughout winter.

The campaign is part of the South West Catchments Council’s (SWCC) Home River Ocean program, and uses humour to influence garden fertilising behaviours that impact on coastal waterways. This campaign is based on the successful Chesapeake Club campaign in the United States.

Locals enjoyed the ‘crab-friendly’ adverts last year and feel the campaign will have a lasting impact on urban fertiliser practices.

 “We saw the adverts on TV last winter and thought they were really clever,” Busselton resident Caleb Avery said.

“I didn’t realise that fertilising in winter had an impact on the health of the Bay. This winter I will be taking the kids out fishing instead!”

The campaign encourages urban gardeners not to fertilise in winter when the fertiliser is most likely to leach and run off into waterways. Excess nutrients in waterways lead to algal blooms that remove oxygen from the water when they break down and threaten wildlife and fish communities.

Fertilising in spring, rather than winter, also saves time, effort and money for the home gardener. Most lawns are warm season grasses and stall their growth in winter. Nutrients are absorbed more easily in spring and this is when many plants start their new growth cycles. So, like the campaign says, hold off on the fertiliser till spring!

The campaign includes television advertising with Ten West Regional, featuring WA actor Myles Pollard, radio, bus and newspaper advertising, mailbox material as well as a Home River Ocean website with tips on gardening and fertilising practices for better waterways.

This project is supported by the South West Catchments Council, through funding from the Australian Government and the Government of Western Australia.