About the program

For many of us in Perth and the South West of Western Australia, our waterways, estuaries and ocean mean living the life; amazing holidays, surfing, relaxing, fishing and time with family and friends. Our waterways also provide seafood that is important for our lifestyle and commercial fisheries.

Our rivers and estuaries are under increasing pressure from urban development, weed invasion, changes to water flow, pollution and climate change. Although we contribute to these impacts, we can also play a part in improving the health of our waterways.

Rain carries excess fertiliser from suburban lawns and gardens into stormwater drains, rivers and estuaries; all the way to the ocean. Fertilisers can threaten these sensitive environments and the health of fish and shellfish that live there, like the Blue Swimmer Crabs.

The up side is that small and simple changes in our homes, gardens and everyday lives can make a big difference. That’s what Home River Ocean is all about: People working together towards healthier waterways to protect the habitat of the Blue Swimmer Crab.

So, let’s ‘Save the Crabs, Then Eat Them!’.